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Plastic Corner Protectors (Red, 4โ€™โ€™ 20-pack)

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  • Dimensions:ย 4" X 4" X 11"
  • Material:ย V-Style Corner Protectors are made from high density polyethylene
  • Sizes:ย These To-Go packs made by Veeboard Inc. are 4 inches wide on both sides of the central axis. The length of this Veeboard is 11 inches. All 20 veeboards are neatly stacked and belted with a nylon tie belt and a carry handle. Very important to remember that unlike the regular 12 Inch Veeboard style corner protectors, these have sides only 4 inches long. The length is the same.
  • Application:ย These are a larger, more heavy duty form of our regular 4 inch edge protectors. Due to their larger surface area, they keep the straps in place more reliably thus protecting both the cargo and the strap. V-style edge protectors portray a more professional image to the transporter's customer and inspire more confidence. The easy to carry pack style makes them more portable and manageable.
  • Benefits:ย Reduced probability of strap damage, direct benefits through insurance claims reduction and a boost to the transporters image
  • Weight:ย 3 lbs
  • Color:ย Red
  • About V-Style Edge Protectors
  • They are an improvement over the standard corner protector design. They have a wider span, tougher plastic and come in desired lengths ranging from 12 inches to 48 inches.
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