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Winter Snow Tire Chains (Set of 2) For 22.5" Tires DOT approved

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  • Steel Twist Link Cross Double Tire Chains 22.5": Cross Links and Side-wall chains are constructed with hardened carbon steel. Chain links are made of Electroplated zinc coated with chromate.
  • Cross Links: 14 Per Tire Chain
  • Tensioning Cams: 4 Outside Cams on each set
  • DOT approved
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Diameter: Cross Links and Sidewalls are made of 7 mm diameter Steel Wire.
  • Pack Quantity: 2 Chains
  • Standard, twist-link snow chains are designed for highway use; not intended for off-road applications. Cam-style side chains make adjustments a snap. Fit either front- or rear-wheel-drive vehicles.
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