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Adjustable Decking Shoring Aluminum Beam 93" -103"

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Looking for a reliable way to secure your load during transportation? These Aluminum E-Track Load Bars, also known as Shoring Beams, are here to make your job easier! They are perfect for preventing your cargo from shifting inside your trailer, and can also be used for decking. These load bars are compatible with trailers that are 102” wide and can be adjusted from 93” to 103”.
  •  • Material: Aluminum
  •  • Compatibility: 102” wide trailers
  •  • Adjustable Length: 93” to 103”
  •  • Breaking Strength: 2,000 lbs
  •  • Weight Capacity: Distributed equally over the beams
  •  • Number and placement of beams dependent on load makeup
Invest in these Aluminum E-Track Load Bars and transport your cargo with ease and confidence. With a high breaking strength and durable material, you can trust that your load will stay secure during transit.
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