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Trailer parts

The top priority of any flatbed is load stability. If you are looking for the best travel trailer parts near me. Flatbed Equipments is the best proven trailer parts suppliers. We have a selection of ready-to-use trailer parts for your truck and trailer. Our trailer parts supplier includes the best products from the industry's most reputable manufacturers.

Winch For Trailer

These sliding winches and truck and trailer parts combinations create a securement system that is both effective and adaptable. When tension is applied, the winch locks securely, but it moves easily in either direction.

Why do most flatbed truck drivers prefer sliders over weld-on winches?

To secure your cargo, you can precisely position the trailer parts or semi trailer parts straps in a sliding winch.

  • Sliding Double L Style Trailer Winch (Standard Profile)

When your truck approaches a rocky road, you can rely on these strong flatbed winch parts of semi trailer to secure your load.

A strong steel winch holds the strap in place and applies significant tension to it. 

Powder-coated for long-term corrosion resistance.

The sliding winch is ideal for attaching cargo of any size to rail cars, flatbed trailers, or other vehicles.

It slides easily along standard sliding winch tracks and locks into position when tension is applied.

Positioning your tie-down points in this manner is versatile and simple.

Air Power Lines

Rubber air line brake hoses with Polyester Braided Process outperform the competition in travel trailer parts. A pressure test in water for at least 30 seconds with 2 MPa 0.1 MPa air or nitrogen reveals that the lines do not leak. Burst pressure can reach 6 MPa without exploding or leaking.

Swivel fittings at the tractor end of the air power lines enable simple connection, quick installation, and discontinuity prevention. The Spiral Wrapped provides a neat and tidy appearance to your connections, is simple to use, and installs quickly. So, no need to worry about trailer parts near me. Flatbed Equipments is the best trailer parts store near me and semi trailer parts near me, you can find.

  • 3-in-1 ABS Air Power Lines 3/8" Air Brake Hose (12’)

The rubber power cord and tubing are intended to be long-lasting.

It is scratch resistant due to ice, dirt, or other particles.

The All-in-One design keeps lines from becoming tangled, getting caught in turns, or being damaged by impact or discoloration.

Large, color-coded grips allow for easy hose support and coupling, and uncoupling.

  • 3-in-1 ABS Air Power Lines 3/8" Air Brake Hose (15’)

Our strong grip for maximum discontinuity protection!

A tapered grip flexes with the airline during tight turns for advanced discontinuity protection.

A reinforced, thicker rail at the grip's hose end improves discontinuity resistance and prevents tearing.

 A color-coded grip reduces the number of incorrect tractor/trailer connections .

And a heavy-duty, beveled-edge spiral wrap untangles all lines.

The spoon-cut end of the spiral wrap eliminates the sharp end that could harm the hose or electric cable.


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