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Semi-truck chain rack

Now, Storing Your Ready-To-Use Flatbed Equipment Is Just One Rack Away!

To transport your belongings safely, use the most effective available semi truck chain rack or cab racks. These tough storage cab racks for semi trucks keep your chains, devices, and personal belongings secure and ready to use.

Our cab racks are made from high-strength aluminum alloys. Flatbed Equipment is pleased to serve truck parts shipping industry sellers, retailers, makers, and wholesalers with the best Equipment for semi truck cab racks throughout the market.

What Purpose Does It Serve?

In addition to preventing items from potentially sliding into the cab's rear window, some of the semi truck chain rack have additional functions, such as the ability to hold certain items upright or support long loads. They also give your truck a new, modern appearance.

  • For Truck Drivers

Cab racks for semi trucks can come with toolboxes, chain trays, hangers, shelves, and small boxes to provide truck drivers with a secure and efficient storage place for cargo straps, coil racks, tools, and personal belongings. With these storage options, drivers can rest assured that they have everything they need to stay on the road for extended periods and complete all tasks on schedule.

  • For Owners Of Trucks

A semi-flatbed, truck including those on 18-wheelers, is long enough to accommodate cargo. Even with all that space, however, these trucks rarely have enough space to store and arrange essential tools and other items. The cab racks for semi trucks are useful in this situation.

  • For Parts Manager

Customers may be impressed by the variety of options available from parts managers. Cab racks are an excellent addition to any semi-truck and give parts managers a distinct advantage when negotiating a truck sale or providing service to semi-truck owners and drivers. These headache rack semi trucks are frequently available in a variety of designs, sizes, and styles.

Advantages of Using Semi Truck Cab Racks

  1. Safe Storage

Nothing is worse than having your semi truck's chains fall off and collide with the road. Instead of leaving these risky items unattended, get a capacity box, semi truck cab rack, or any other storage solution to keep your chains coordinated and got.

  1. Maximize Your Space

If you're running out of space in your cab tool kit, look for cab racks to make dividers and separate your essential tools and hardware. You can make the most of your space and keep your tools exactly where you need them without having to worry about tools sliding, scraping, or going missing with our semi truck chain rack.

  1. Long-Term Solution

Don't be satisfied with a flimsy toolbox or a chain rack. Choose durable steel and diamond-plate aluminum products like our cab rack for semi trucks for long-term storage. Heavy-duty chains and tools can easily bend and break stronger storage solutions. Find the toughest truck or cab racks and use them to keep your truck moving while providing safe and convenient storage.

  1. Legendary Toughness

To fit semi-trucks, our cab racks for semi trucks are designed to deliver at a lightweight. Aluminum cab racks with their legendary toughness are a standout among truck accessories. Our high-quality aluminum cab racks have a refined appearance that can enhance the exterior design of any truck.

  1. Easy And Efficient Usage

Boxes with one, two, or three doors are available, making them ideal for storage. Chain hangers and internal shelves are popular options. Keep your items out of the environment and out of sight.

Types We Provide:

68'' X 80'' Headache Rack Semi Truck Aluminum Toolbox W/3 Door Compartments

The semi truck cab racks with 3 doors include square frame mounts, two adjustable chain hangers, one on each side, and three adjustable shelves in the center compartment. Rack Box is designed without compromise for installation behind a truck cab, making capacity on the back of your truck simple. The Rack Box is installed behind the cab and is easily attached to the truck frame via U-Bolts.

Semi Truck Cab Racks W/2 Chain Hanger & Full Tray ( 68" X 80" )

This high-quality aluminum 68 x 80-inch cab rack has two chain hangers, a full tray, no window, and a 4-foot assembly that provides more clearance for the trailer, making it easier to mount and more durable. The semi truck cab rack’s I-Shaft is upstanding and adds strength and unbending nature to the entire unit without adding excessive weight.

For load security in your flatbed journey, you can rely on our toolboxes and cab racks. We have all of the metal truck and trailer accessories you need. Don't stack tools in your cab or let chains dangle in the wind. Get the most recent safety and organization features for your truck right now from Flatbed Equipments.

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